Staying Up to Date with the Meaning of Your Dashboard Lights

Dashboards are very important for all vehicles due to their ability to convey the user's warnings about faulty occurrences within the car. However, the meanings and interpretations of the dashboard lights vary from one manufacturer to another. You should check the owner's manual for clarity on the meanings of your vehicles dashboard lights.

The car owners and drivers around Maumee may visit Brondes Ford whenever a warning light comes up for the best and lasting solutions for their car. Some warning lights include:

  • Door ajar. The warning tells us that either a door or the trunk is open. Open and close all doors or trunk to fix the problem.
  • Battery/ charging alert. The warning indicates the voltage level is below the average level. Check the battery terminals, battery condition, or alternator belt.
  • Washer fluid reminder. Shows that the washer fluid is very low. Refill the washer fluid reservoir.

For any inquiries and solutions on dashboard lights, please visit our dealership.

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