Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Front-Wheel-Drive and Rear-Wheel-Drive Cars?

Buying a car can be an overwhelming experience. One of the major decisions you need to make is front-wheel-drive vs rear-wheel-drive. Here at Brondes Ford Lincoln Maumee, we want you to understand the pros and cons of both and make the best decision.

In front-wheel-drive cars, power is sent to the front wheels. Because of the weight of the engine, front-wheel-drive cars tend to have good traction, especially in rain and snow. However, the uneven power distribution across the car tends to make handling worse than rear-wheel-drive.

In rear-wheel-drive cars, power is sent to the rear axle. Rear-wheel-drive cars excel at handling, and are less prone to damage if you accidentally run over a bump in the road. The main disadvantage of rear-wheel-drive is traction, since there is less weight on the rear tires.

Our team at Brondes Ford Lincoln Maumee in Maumee, OH can help you choose a car that meets all your driving needs.

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