What is a Differential?

All vehicles have a type of differential, but where they’re housed varies on the type of drive you have. The drive concerns the wheels that provide the force to drive your vehicle. For example, in a rear-wheel-drive (RWD) vehicle, the rear wheels are responsible for pushing the car forward. In this case, the differential would be between the two rear axles.

It houses a set of gears that allows the two wheels to move at different speeds in order to accomplish the goal. For instance, when you turn a corner, each wheel has its function. Those closest to the turn, or inside wheels, have a short distance to travel, so they can move at a slower speed. Those on the opposite side of the vehicle, the outside wheels, are required to make a wide arc. As a result, their speed is much faster than that of the inside. It’s possible through the differential gear synchronization.

Differential oil, which is much thicker than motor oil, should be changed every 30,000 miles to keep your vehicle in top-running performance. We’re here at Brondes Ford Lincoln in Maumee, OH to answer your questions. Schedule your appointment today!

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